Credit to Trump in This Case

Insert here the disclaimer that I don’t care for the man, I don’t like most of what he stands for, or his funny haircut.

But also insert here that protecting America’s IP was a very important issue and while I think the trade Tariffs issue as a whole is filled with land mines that have not gone off yet (can we really know how it will distort the economy?) I think the guy cares about the US, rabidly (I guess that is what a nationalist does, by definition).


So assuming there is some meat to the “substantial progress” he tweets about and Xi has not actually played Trump like a damn fiddle, there is some good stuff here.

If people are saying that he is pandering to the stock market well, two things… 1) he kept the trade war pedal to the metal during the Q4 correction with the Tariffs rhetoric and 2), the stock market has been rallying for all of 2019 so far. It’s doubtful he’s doing anything but hammering out a deal, which is what the guy does and what, I assume, he mainly got elected for.

Donald, my China positions thank you. So do my US positions, for now, I think (except 3 shorts).

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