Notes From the Rabbit Hole


Notes From the Rabbit Hole, #768 Summary US Stock Market: While late stage rotations appear to be in play Semi & big Tech leadership held and remained intact. Bullish is…

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commodities and 30 year treasury yield

Commodities and the 30 Year Treasury Yield

Commodities and the 30 year Treasury Yield 'Continuum' Commodities are usually well aligned with inflation signaling from the bond market (nominal yields, yield curves, inflation expectations, etc.). My current views…

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nftrh plus

NFTRH+; USD and Silver

Checking in on the anti-market and the precious metals leader, USD and Silver USD (DXY) is creeping through the clear resistance area and ticking above the daily EMA 20, as…

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fomc week and usd (dxy)

FOMC Week and USD

FOMC week and USD are intimately tied together An answer should come this week about the near-term fate of the US dollar index (DXY). And from that answer will come…

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