Arista Networks Stock (ANET): Sometimes it’s Best to Ignore the Noise

Arista Networks Stock (ANET) takes off in after-hours

Per Friday’s Trade Log after I’d already added the drop in ANET and upon seeing it drop more:

Not sure what is going on with ANET, but I added a bit more on the continued drop. The classic interpretation is that ‘somebody’ knows something and is getting the hell out before earnings next week. My interpretation will tune that crap out and just chalk it up to one of those things. For reference, ANET is fairly richly valued, to the same degree as Microsoft (by P/E & P/S). But ANET’s growth rate (53% TTM) is much stronger than Softee’s (8% TTM) if the data I have is correct. Whatever. I added the stock yesterday and am not giving up on it at this time.

Ah ha! I just found out what’s going on. Juniper Networks reported that it’s AI related growth will be halting in the near-term. Apparently ANET is down in sympathy due to its AI exposure (much of it with Softee and META). I’m ignoring it.

NFTRH Trade Log, July 28

It is a stock I’ve held a couple times previously and it has been a very successful endeavor. If today’s after-hours holds true this will be another success. A lesson to sometimes value your human brain and rational thought over the damn media, machines, algos and AI driven bullshit roving the markets non-stop.

Dump ANET because OMG, Juniper had a delay in AI!!! Ha ha ha…

Here is ANET testing its highs, up nearly 14% in after-hours. This post from March identified a target of 200 and after this post-earnings upshot that target appears still loaded.

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