Arista Networks (ANET) breaks to blue sky

Arista Networks stock (ANET) is flying in blue sky

It was an opportunity taken (by me, and any subscribers following the Trade Log who might have had interest) and opportunity missed (by any public viewers who might have had an interest).

Though a bottom feeder by nature, I had noted in NFTRH that Arista Networks (ANET) was a stock with blue sky breakout potential and was within our favored interim Tech/Goldilocks theme with a side attraction of being a ‘picks and shovels’ play on Cloud/AI to boot. I bought it per this Trade Log entry on March 13th.

NFTRH Trade Log, March 13

The bummer is that I had done a full presentation on it, while continuing to test my abilities with Keynote’s video presentation. But I hit a roadblock and scrapped it, as I could not figure out how to match the audio with each appropriate slide (then I had to get on to other things). These are the charts from the presentation.

arista networks (ANET) daily chart
ANET daily
Arista Networks (ANET), weekly chart
ANET weekly

Here are the charts today.

Arista Networks (ANET), daily chart
ANET daily
Arista Networks (ANET), weekly chart
ANET weekly

The presentation detailed a would-be target of around 200. I’ll stick with that for now; market willing. I definitely want to get my chops down with that software and do more videos, both macro and for fun, individual stock related on occasion, like this one was. It was fun to make and would have been more fun had I actually made it and posted it ahead of time!

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