NFTRH+; Gold Stock Traders Keep an Eye on This

As it stands now we already do not have good fundamentals for a gold miner rally but still do have an ongoing technical bounce sprung by over-bearish sentiment. HUI has dropped to just above the 273 target per Monday’s update. The HUI/Gold ratio has also pulled back and so far held a higher low, which it needs to continue to do in support of the … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold Stock Traders Keep an Eye on This


Another Update of Gold’s Lack of Inflation Utility

Over the short to intermediate-term there are better inflation hedges than gold But then, you knew that already. And as for the miners that leverage gold’s standing? These are poor macro pictures for Huey and friends. They’re still positive for the inflation-sensitive, cyclical and reflationary stuff. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth … Continue reading Another Update of Gold’s Lack of Inflation Utility

Man Stares at Chart, Sees Technical Reason for Holding Evaporate, Holds Anyway

Another lesson that men staring at charts need not always get too wrapped up in what they are staring at. I like to put up this type of post once in a while because we are all learning, all the time. You, me and even the guru next door. It’s no great shakes on a bottom feed position that is only slightly profitable. But had … Continue reading Man Stares at Chart, Sees Technical Reason for Holding Evaporate, Holds Anyway

Huey is on Plan

HUI daily chart per Monday’s NFTRH+ update As he pushes his cart of rocks slowly out of the cave and up the hill (careful not to backslide too much Huey) we’ll reference an NFTRH+ subscriber update on Monday (now public) that guided the way to today’s pullback level just above the 50 day average. Not a thing is happening that we were not prepared for … Continue reading Huey is on Plan

NFTRH+; Macro Fundamentally Speaking…

Sure, anything can happen. But at the moment long-term yields are recovering, which has been the expected course… …if the Continuum is going to reach the limiter. Markets usually push the limits. I was unclear about whether yields would get a more pronounced pullback before rising again, but as long as the top charts hold the SMA 50s it looks like they can bust to … Continue reading NFTRH+; Macro Fundamentally Speaking…

When Might Gold Become Useful Again?

The title is a trick question. Gold is always useful, even when its heavy ass is going down in price or going down in relation to economically correlated assets like commodities. Insurance and value retention are always useful. Gold is there for when things fall apart, or just after things fall apart. That despite the legions of inflation humpers in the gold “community”. It’s not … Continue reading When Might Gold Become Useful Again?

Copper & Industrial Metals vs. Gold

The indication from the metals is cyclical, pro-reflation and inflationary You cannot look at this chart and claim that the backdrop is not still firmly cyclical as the reflation created out of the fear and disgust of the year ago period continues apace. Think what you will about our dear leaders the economic eggheads, but at this moment they are still winning, duh. Tune out … Continue reading Copper & Industrial Metals vs. Gold

Uncle Buck is Not Happy With You, Jerome

US Dollar drops on FOMC nothingburger With due consideration that the days immediately following FOMC’s latest do-nothing meeting often swing to volatility, as if they actually did something, we note that… They are subordinating a steaming, inflated economy with the rising input costs to show for it for some fairy tale about how there are still COVID related dangers to the economy and by Jesus, … Continue reading Uncle Buck is Not Happy With You, Jerome


FOMC 3,2,1: Speed Readers Take Your Marks…

FOMC is out. Here’s the release from the latest meeting of the eggheads, hot off the press… The Federal Reserve is committed to using its full range of tools to support the U.S. economy in this challenging time, thereby promoting its maximum employment and price stability goals. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing tremendous human and economic hardship across the United States and around the world. … Continue reading FOMC 3,2,1: Speed Readers Take Your Marks…

Materials Sector Hits Target

US Materials Sector is .12 from… Ding! The US Materials sector, a prime beneficiary of the reflation by inflation that the Fed and government have cooking, is at a measured target. As the government prepares to spend a massive barrel of pork on roads, bridges and infrastructure, Materials of all kinds will be needed. The Materials SPDR (XLB) has now come .12 from ticking a … Continue reading Materials Sector Hits Target

Silver Deprogramming…

Over at IKN a video is posted by long time silver investor, Jeff Christian. He of a very rational presentation and multi-decade investing experience in the precious metals. Christian to a conspiracy theorizing promoter: “He did not say that. Why are you saying that he said that?” CPM vs. Silver Hucksters He talks about the attacks he’s had from the precious metals cult, promotion machine, … Continue reading Silver Deprogramming…

NFTRH; The Preferred Case for Gold Mining

Gold mining is a counter-cyclical business. During economic (and inflationary) down cycles gold out-performs industrial metals, oil/energy, materials, stocks, etc. Insofar as commodities and materials contribute to gold mining cost structures, you can see that in economic down cycles amid dis-inflation the miners get an inherent bottom line boost as the product out-performs the cost inputs. As for stocks and public confidence in general, when … Continue reading NFTRH; The Preferred Case for Gold Mining


FOMC Week and a New Phase of the Ongoing Inflationary Operation

As the Fed’s inflationary operation moves forward… This week we have a meeting of the economic eggheads. But now we play a game of ‘will they or won’t they?’ change a few words (or hide the cheese) in the statement as the inflation they’ve created and with the help of the government, put in play, becomes more of an issue. Players are becoming more self-conscious, … Continue reading FOMC Week and a New Phase of the Ongoing Inflationary Operation