Silver Deprogramming…

Over at IKN a video is posted by long time silver investor, Jeff Christian. He of a very rational presentation and multi-decade investing experience in the precious metals.

Christian to a conspiracy theorizing promoter: “He did not say that. Why are you saying that he said that?”

CPM vs. Silver Hucksters

He talks about the attacks he’s had from the precious metals cult, promotion machine, religious sect, Politburo aristocracy for his measured views. It’s a cesspool of names like Bill Murphy and GATA, Eric Sprott, King World News… these scratch the surface of the massive promo machine related to gold and silver that feeds on less experienced or more gullible investors.

I remember when I critiqued Ted Butler’s silver CoT exploits in a public article. Ted responded with class but some clown called Ed Steer responded and was completely dismissive and derogatory toward me. That’s how you can tell a promoter. That second thing.