Man Stares at Chart, Sees Technical Reason for Holding Evaporate, Holds Anyway

Another lesson that men staring at charts need not always get too wrapped up in what they are staring at. I like to put up this type of post once in a while because we are all learning, all the time. You, me and even the guru next door.

It’s no great shakes on a bottom feed position that is only slightly profitable. But had I taken the letter of the law (if the law is sell a close and continued drop below the SMA 50) I would not have enjoyed today’s recovery on earnings for Vertex.

Often times I keep it strict and end up the better for the risk management. Other times I’d have over-thought myself right out of a winning position due to that same risk management ethic. The markets are a funny thing and the psychological element cannot really be taught. You must get to know yourself, Grasshopper.

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