NFTRH 532 Out Now

Back to a full length report this week, including gold miner and stock charts. The miners have generally gotten to initial targets while the stock market bounces as expected. A rational plan emerged a week or two ago and now it is all the firmer with the market’s bounce in progress. The screenshot barely scratches the surface of the actionable info in NFTRH 532. Subscribe … Continue reading NFTRH 532 Out Now

Cyclical Assets vs. Gold

In January of 2018 we noted a cyclical leader (Semiconductor Fab Equipment) in trouble: Semi Canary Still Chirping, But He’s Gonna Croak in 2018. We also ran a series of articles featuring the happy-go-lucky 3 Amigos (of the macro) in order to gauge a point when larger herds of investors would become aware of cyclical issues facing the global (including the US) economy. Each Amigo … Continue reading Cyclical Assets vs. Gold

Gold “Community”: The Sound of Crickets No Longer

Back on November 4th I posted about how my simple Gold/Oil ratio chart, with its positive implications for gold mining operations, got slammed by some drive by gold haters on Stocktwits. At that time we also noted a distinct lack of interest among gold bugs and TAs in the community, many of whom were busily guiding their herds lower. A Notable Lack of Interest in … Continue reading Gold “Community”: The Sound of Crickets No Longer

“The only problem our economy has is the Fed”

Trump’s tweet on Christmas Eve as the market continued to crater. Dear Donald, They have a perfectly good feel for the market, as they are merely balancing the scales of monetary and fiscal policy. You may be right on this one. The tariffs war has so many moving parts going in so many different directions it’s hard to know the end results. But the Fed … Continue reading “The only problem our economy has is the Fed”

fanuc robots

The Raging Machines

This post is not to be confused with analysis of any serious kind. It is opinion-based, and as I watch the market systematically puke its way southward I cannot help getting more (and patiently) bullish the lower it goes (I have four current and tentatively held short positions after covering my largest position, which was against SPY). I am sorry, but the bear just seems … Continue reading The Raging Machines

NFTRH 531 Out Now

See? Here it is… Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $33.50 or a 14% discounted yearly at USD $345.00) for an in-depth weekly market report, interim market updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade setup ideas, all archived/posted at the site and delivered to your inbox. You can also keep up to date with plenty of actionable public content at by using the email … Continue reading NFTRH 531 Out Now

Burn-Spell by Isabela Tanashian

Izzy composed this disturbing piece, performed the vocal and had friends on Cello and Piano. It was performed at Columbia last week. Isabela Tanashian: Mezzo-Soprano Evan Caplinger: Cello Joseph Jordan: Piano According to Izzy it is about the aftermath of a nuclear catastrophe and “I hope this piece gives you a bit of anxiety or it will not have lived up to its intent. I … Continue reading Burn-Spell by Isabela Tanashian


NFTRH; SPX Daily Chart Status (high priority)

While the odds of SPX declining to 2100-2200 have increased greatly, I think the combination of deplorably bearish sentiment and the seasonal (yes, I am still giving that some consideration) and the short-term oversold situation on SPX are reasons to be guarded if you are short. But then again, as stated frequently, I am not a resolute or very good short seller. The Daily chart … Continue reading NFTRH; SPX Daily Chart Status (high priority)

Jerome ‘Dead Eye’ Powell

One of the most disturbing scenes in the series Breaking Bad was when Todd shoots and kills a boy on a dirt bike after he witnessed Heisenberg, Jesse and Todd heist 900 gallons of methylamine. Jesse: “Todd, that Opie Dead Eyed piece of shit…” That is similar to the feeling I got after the Fed hiked the funds rate as expected, but then declined to … Continue reading Jerome ‘Dead Eye’ Powell

Is This Risk ‘Off’ Enough for Formerly Greedy Bulls?

Take a look at the yield on the long bond. Take a listen to all those formerly loud Treasury BOND BEARS!!! Now all you hear are crickets. So are we now risk ‘off’ enough for the yield to make a low? Has the whole cacophonous mess been shut up? Do people still think they understand the Fed and its motivations? Look, I don’t fully understand … Continue reading Is This Risk ‘Off’ Enough for Formerly Greedy Bulls?