Happy New Year

Thank you website readers and especially dear NFTRH subscribers. It’s been a great year to be a market participant and well, it’s another year still breathing… so it’s been a better year to be a human than it could have been.

With the help of subscriber input all along the way I feel we’ve really improved the full NFTRH service. It is now an easy to navigate, information rich weekly market report with just the right amount of updates as needed. I firmly believe it’s the best of its kind from what I have seen out there. Sorry for the immodesty, but that is 100% how I feel. Or else why do it, right?

Lookin’ forward to great things in 2019. It was a tough year personally, but the thing about we humans, or at least humans like me, is we never give up. NFTRH hit its 10th anniversary in September and is going strong. The personal life stuff happens to all of us. But it’s a new year.

Make it a good one!