“The only problem our economy has is the Fed”

Trump’s tweet on Christmas Eve as the market continued to crater.

Dear Donald,

  • They have a perfectly good feel for the market, as they are merely balancing the scales of monetary and fiscal policy.
  • You may be right on this one. The tariffs war has so many moving parts going in so many different directions it’s hard to know the end results. But the Fed might just be interpreting an outcome of rising costs, which majorities would see as inflationary. As explained in the link above, out of control inflation fears ends the Fed’s regime. They err, do not want that.
  • They understand the strong Dollar full well. They are reloading.
  • You are 50% of the shutdown, along w/ the Dems. Don’t obfuscate. Besides, I doubt the shutdown has anything to do with the market.
  • The Fed does not exist for you, me or the market. It may well be on the 18th hole, but I think there is some wedge work and long putt yet to be made; and they’ll make it.

It might be wise to stop whining about the Fed. Right or wrong, it is going to do what it is going to do. Did you see the dead eyed commitment of that guy?

The more you tweet about (showing a lack of confidence in) the market, the more you pressure the same dunderheads that you drove in (to the bull killer climax) one year ago. Let the process play out and things will be fine.

So says I, someone studying and the situation closely and preparing to position accordingly. Just STFU already and have the confidence of your convictions. You never had the Fed under control to begin with and we will just have to live with and manage its agenda until it comes around to favorable after it extricates itself from the dangers of the fiscal (political) agenda that it finds itself immersed in after 8 years of catering to the opposite.

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