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Market set up to go FOMO? Stock market sentiment has been very skittish at best, and flat out bearish at most. Players reacted accordingly. So is this the point of…

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Sentiment Adjusted

Short-term Sentiment is reset, long-term is still structurally over-bullish In a positive contrary indication the latest readings in the AAII and NAAIM have logically recoiled in line with this week's…

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The Normalcy of Gold

As the inflation-instigated reflation continues... We noted it on Feb. 4 We noted it again last week. Because I like to bludgeon you with boring information that is not exciting…

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“Keep on Stackin'”

A comment to the GoldSeek version of my post Gold/SPX Ratio and the Gold Stock Case... What an IDIOT ! Keep on stackin' but not for the "reasons" this guy…

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Precious Metals Headlines

For comic relief, here is what the gold "community" is putting forth lately. Full froth mode? No, but the "community" is shaking off its recent HGNSI & BPGDM jitters *…

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