Ominous signaling for Dynavax (DVAX) at Stocktwits

DVAX defenders gonna defend; but against what?

I touched a few nerves with my insulting comment about DVAX as it gets walloped, post-earnings (in which revenue soared but so did cost of revenue, prompting me to take a minor partial profit in AH yesterday due to my concern about said cost ramp). But it’s up to individuals to decide whom I was or was not addressing.

It is interesting how the respondents assume I am short the stock. I’d venture that I was long the stock long before the momentum freaks showed up on the COVID hype, which I’ve noted frequently as a caution to my original investment thesis of Hep vaccine rollout (that is progressing nicely, BTW). Here’s one (wildly profitable, I might add) example of the hype I’ve noted all along.

Last night’s trade log entry…

Anyway, I am still long.

Separately, the ‘like’ that the last respondent got was provided by me since that person bothered to put forth reasoning instead of mentally weak internet flaming.

You see, it’s not just the gold community I am critical of when it comes to pom poms. Far from it. It’s an almost involuntary reaction I get when I see people writing things that can damage not only themselves, but people even more naive than they are who are reading. Sure, I can come off like an a-hole officer of the internet. But it is the internet and it is filled with garbage. So also call me a garbage man. I take it out when it starts to stink too much.

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