“Keep on Stackin'”

A comment to the GoldSeek version of my post Gold/SPX Ratio and the Gold Stock Case

What an IDIOT !

Keep on stackin’ but not for the “reasons” this guy gives.

Some day guys like this will have all dried up and blown away.

It’s all about true price discovery and how we get there

Not any of this guy’s bull sh*t.

I take zero offense because a) a look at his comment history shows he’s a Zero Hedge reading troll who just happened to get to me this time and b) he’s a politically dogmatic, shack dwelling gold tout. Conspiracies of them against us. Gold, guns and ammo, man. Who cares about analysis, anyway?

“Keep on stackin'” is something I never heard in the last bull market. But it occurs to me that I see it written all the time now. Maybe because of Twitter or whatever. But it seems to be this cycle’s call to…


It was the call in August and it is still the call today (not just this guy). As a sentiment indicator, the implication is there is still work to do in the cleansing process.

Here is the thing. I think gold is in a great new bull market.

But as with the last bull market, gold bugs need to be STFU periodically. I did not write “need to STFU”. I wrote “need to BE STFU”. They need humility imposed upon them.

If people think I am being political with this post, I am not. It is a post about gold sentiment and what the most densely dogmatic bugs never get through their skulls is that this market will summarily punish them when they become too enthused, strident or automatic in their thinking.

You see, it’s all about price discovery according to the dogma. Just ask the CoT detectives illuminating the nefarious goings-on for the enthralled gold bug. Some conspiracy theorist this guy reads at Zero Hedge or GATA has it all covered.

Well, in 2011 one big brained Ben Bernanke cooked up Operation Twist and he killed gold with its policy-imposed yield curve flattener. People like this almost make me want a repeat. But that is biased emotion, isn’t it? Meanwhile, on with the correction and looking forward to a humbler and quieter GoldbugVille.

Here I’ll recall a comment to an article of mine at the old Safehaven site during the 2001-2008 bull market. “Are you trying to become the most hated person in Goldbugville?”

No, but if the shoe fits…

This excuse to cover old gold sentiment ground brought to you by one goofy comment at a gold website. Moving on…

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