Rotation to Growth & Tech as illustrated by ROKU (w/ NFTRH 660 excerpt)

Market has been rotating back to growth from value and reflation-sensitive areas It was all about long-term interest rates and the beginnings of the at least temporary failure of the inflation/reflation trades. Over the last several weeks I’ve been rotating in anticipation (with the biggest rotation being into cash), holding some big Tech and a few growth stocks like ROKU. If you look hard enough … Continue reading Rotation to Growth & Tech as illustrated by ROKU (w/ NFTRH 660 excerpt)

The Canary Croaked

Ref. my post from last January that itself includes a link to my post from a year ago criticizing a media headline about a fund manager who thought he found “even bigger winners for 2018”, in the form of Semi Equipment stocks. The public got to suck on that gift wrapped hype a year ago for the holidays. Semi Canary Still Chirping, but He’s Gonna … Continue reading The Canary Croaked


Today is another microcosmic representation of the Macrocosm, whereby we note that for a day at least, things are going the way that the next market phase will go… as a trend. Today the precious metals are bouncing and stocks are dropping… Commodities are dropping or weak… In particular, crude oil is weak… And industrial metals are weak… These are the planets that are going … Continue reading Microcosm