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Today is another microcosmic representation of the Macrocosm, whereby we note that for a day at least, things are going the way that the next market phase will go… as a trend.


Today the precious metals are bouncing and stocks are dropping…


Commodities are dropping or weak…


In particular, crude oil is weak…


And industrial metals are weak…


These are the planets that are going to align when the micro becomes a trend and hence, becomes the macro.

Understand two things…

  1.  We are not yet in a trend
  2.  But on days when the gold sector goes opposite to everything else, it firms up the idea that it is going to be THE counter-cyclical play… just as we have been saying for oh, what?  Years.

This is why it made no sense being a gold bull for the last few years, covering your eyes, blocking your ears and going ‘la la la… I can’t hear you… la la la!’ while the economic ‘UP’ cycle ground on.

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