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I've continued to receive positive feedback about NFTRH reports as online posts, so here is another one. I am not sure why but this format allows or encourages me to…

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‘Our Tools’ updated

As part of some year-end housekeeping I have replaced the decade+ old content under the NFTRH Tools tab with stuff from the modern era. Much of the wording is the…

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Mid-Week Market Internals

Random internal views for a Wednesday morning. Putting pictures to what is normally a color coded written NFTRH segment in order to save space within reports that are routinely over…

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3 Other Amigos Well Aligned

Just a light duty post to show you 3 different items that would travel together in a would-be reflation trade. This chart is probably over a year old and was…

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vs. Gold

No matter whether or not gold resumes its correction, as these ratios trend down the proper macro backdrop is in place for a bullish view on the counter-cyclical gold stock…

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Indicator/Internal Odds & Ends

A few NFTRH indicators and internals gauges. To save space we usually include a select 2 or 3 in the weekly reports and color code Bullish, Neutral or Bearish with…

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