Using SPY for the US market and EEM for general Emerging Markets, I’d like to illustrate what I think may be in play on the short-term.

SPY shot up to the equivalent of our first S&P 500 target around 1980.  This was based on lateral resistance (not shown on the chart below) and a 50% Fib retrace.  We also have an ultimate potential upside (corrective) target equivalent to SPX 2040.  That is the thick red zone on the SPY chart below.


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US Dollar Updated

Just another US dollar update for anyone interested.  The daily support zone around 93 was also the top end of long-term support as noted in Wednesday's post. Former short-term resistance…

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NFTRH 358 Out Now

US stock markets need to finish the bounce (per SPX and VIX targets) to activate part 2 of the plan.  Then, out beyond these short-term moves is a decision point…

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Gold Ratios Consolidate, SGR = Bad Chicken

A snapshot of gold's ratios to other things.  When last we looked these were hockey sticks.  Now, they are broken hockey sticks (though not broken indicators).  Gold is expected to…

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SPX @ Target #1

The bounce has made it to target #1.  Higher potential remains at 2050, but this is a valid bounce target as well.  If SPX is going toward 2050 however, that…

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Market Update

What a week; and I am not talking just about the markets!  I spent all day on jury duty yesterday and by the time they finally unshackled me I saw just how volatile things had been.  I also saw that my ‘bounce’ gains had evaporated into the close.


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US Dollar Updated

The US dollar has bounced back to a resistance area.  There is more resistance up above from 96 to the 50 day moving average. For perspective, the monthly big picture…

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Market Status

A quick roundup as one of the commitments I have this week is to go to court this morning and sit in a pool of people hoping not to get picked as a juror.

Using the SPX chart below as a guide, we see that US markets have now challenged the October lows (some held above and others poked below) and the test is on.  It looks like a logical bounce is trying to get going in pre-market.  Click graphic for live quotes…


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YTD: Even Steven

YTD most markets are down.  I am even.  Okay, who cares?  Being a cranky risk manager, I've underwhelmed for a long while now.  But it gives me the feeling that…

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Gold Ratios, Day 2

Friday we did them over at Biiwii and today we'll catch up with gold's ratios to other items here (where charty type posts are the norm) on day 2 of…

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USD Along for the Ride

Unlike 2008's hysteria, the US dollar is part of the downside, not the obvious liquidity destination (at least as implied by its price action).  That role in the short-term at…

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