Gold Ratios Consolidate, SGR = Bad Chicken

A snapshot of gold’s ratios to other things.  When last we looked these were hockey sticks.  Now, they are broken hockey sticks (though not broken indicators).  Gold is expected to pull back vs. all of these things when relief visits fear stricken markets.  Check.

Gold vs. US stock market…

gld spy

Gold vs. Euro hedged Europe stocks…

gld hedj

Gold vs. Commodities…

gld dbc

Gold vs. other metals…

gld dbb

Gold vs. Silver…

gld slv

This last item is interesting, as silver still has not gotten its act together vs. gold.  Let’s add the perspective of the weekly chart of the silver-gold ratio (SGR), the likes of which we so often review in NFTRH.  This is bad chicken! *

*  Here we reprise an old Seinfeld episode.  “This is not gonna be good for anybody.”


silver gold ratio

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