Gold Ratios, Day 2

Friday we did them over at Biiwii and today we’ll catch up with gold’s ratios to other items here (where charty type posts are the norm) on day 2 of the bloodbath.

Gold vs. US stock market is making more strides today…

gld spy

Gold vs. Euro hedged Europe is too…

gld hedj

Gold vs. crude oil continues to help the gold mining sector…

gld uso

Gold is still not just any metal…

gld dbb

Nor just any commodity…

gld dbc

And gold is still not silver either.  This last one is a global macro indicator that seems to be working again after being on the fritz for so long as global stocks had trouble but US stocks had been impervious.  Now, everything’s having trouble as is usually the case when gold rises vs. silver in a widening of the metallic ‘credit’ spread.

gld slv

Hey, that’s the play-by-play as of this moment.  Check back in about 15 minutes in this volatile and wild atmosphere.  But if the above trends keep going, changes would be hand and that conclusion has little to do with stocks going down.  It has to do with these things going up.

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