HUI technical status and gold stock fundamentals

A review of the situation in gold stocks It is in essence a year ago that Warren Buffett ill-timed his entry into the gold stock sector, unwittingly calling a top to the post-crash rally and signaling the start of the 2020 inflation trades, which did not include gold stocks (for logical reasons, as belabored in NFTRH and at over the years). Increasing the view … Continue reading HUI technical status and gold stock fundamentals

Not your mother’s inflation…

Why this is the time to invest in precious metals Not your mother’s inflation Personally, I am more interested in the mechanics of inflation and the compelling charts in this article than I am in a thesis for precious metals. Silver maybe, but gold is only fractionally about inflation. But the article, which I am only in the middle of, gives some great macro parameters … Continue reading Not your mother’s inflation…

NFTRH; Roads, bridges, ports, water, internet, power, environment and… gold?

The US government finally got together on a new $550b spending (more cost-push inflation) plan. It includes spending of money the government never had until the Fed printed it and it is going to the items noted above in the title. In pre-market inflationists are buying silver (normal), copper (normal), Palladium (normal), Platinum (semi-normal) and gold (normal, for those who buy gold for the wrong … Continue reading NFTRH; Roads, bridges, ports, water, internet, power, environment and… gold?

Goldilocks still…

Goldilocks backdrop persists We expected a summer cool down in the inflation trades. We expected that to be reflected in a temporary Goldilocks environment (not too hot, not too cold where inflation expectations are concerned). As part of this rotation Tech and Growth would retake leadership, at least temporarily. Sure enough, the yield Continuum pulled back, value/growth broke down and Tech has re-taken the lead. … Continue reading Goldilocks still…

NFTRH+; Silver and Gold

I’ll start this brief update with a question. How damaging was that #silversqueeze promotion to inexperienced, gullible true believers, anyway? Silver’s daily chart has dropped out of the little bear flag noted in NFTRH 665 and is now at a lateral support area. After making a lower high to the #silversqueeze hype spike on February 1st it should avoid a lower low to the March … Continue reading NFTRH+; Silver and Gold

NFTRH+; USD & Gold/Silver ratio

An update of the 2 riders opposing a would-be renewed inflationary reflation trade. To review, the Gold/Silver ratio is an indicator of failing market liquidity when it rises and the USD is the receiver of bids seeking liquidity amid market stress. USD (DXY) is testing support and is a hair below the breakout point of the would-be bullish inverted H&S bottoming pattern (not shown in … Continue reading NFTRH+; USD & Gold/Silver ratio

vs Gold, reflation still on

Cyclical markets in relation to gold indicate reflation is still on, but… The most inflation sensitive markets are still trouncing gold, while certain stock markets are flipping suspect and the Good Ship Lollipop, the US S&P 500, sails on. When the inflationary boom cycle terminates all of these charts will go in the dumper. As yet, most are anything but in the dumper. Commodities/Gold Copper/Gold … Continue reading vs Gold, reflation still on

Copper’s breakdown/not breakdown

Copper price nullifies daily chart breakdown Last Monday we noted that copper was intact on the bigger picture but breaking down on the daily chart. Then on Tuesday we asked whether the turnaround in long-term yields might have signaled an end to the summer reflationary cool down and resumption of the reflation trades, of which copper is a headline play. This morning the copper price … Continue reading Copper’s breakdown/not breakdown

NFTRH 665, out now

NFTRH 665 is good. There’s my promo. I’m beat. For “best of breed” top down analysis of all major markets, subscribe to NFTRH Premium, which includes an in-depth weekly market report, detailed market updates and NFTRH+ dynamic updates and chart/trade setup ideas. Subscribe by PayPal or credit card using a button on the right sidebar (if using a mobile device you may need to scroll … Continue reading NFTRH 665, out now

NFTRH+; Updating the warring indicators

The way it is shaking out as I see it, it’s the 30yr yield Continuum’s right side shoulder (which, if it manifests and turns upward would be consistent with new inflationary pressure) vs. the 2 riders of global liquidity destruction, USD and the Gold/Silver ratio which, if they continue upward would signal pervasive corrections (at worst) or Goldilocks and its ‘not too hot, not too … Continue reading NFTRH+; Updating the warring indicators

Could today’s down-to-up reversal in the 30yr Treasury yield have signaled the end of the summer cool down?

For a sign of the end of the summer cool down – and deflationary whiff (such as it is) – yields will need to reverse upward and bonds head back down Today the 30yr Treasury bond yield dropped and reversed. That’s all well and good, but… …this macro picture means only everything to the inflation/reflation thesis, which I favor (by a 60% lean) to get … Continue reading Could today’s down-to-up reversal in the 30yr Treasury yield have signaled the end of the summer cool down?