NFTRH’s Signature Indicator Goes Big Time

One of NFTRH’s most important indicators goes big time…

Except that the big time doesn’t know it, or doesn’t acknowledge it. But boy, when the big time talks about it I’ll bet some of the herds start to listen. It’s a good thing I don’t put all my indicators out there.

Meanwhile, I’ll stay small time because when you are a purveyor of weird or outside the box analysis you don’t get a large Twitter following and you certainly don’t get the Goldman or Zero Hedge herds. But then again, if I did it would mean I suck. So, all good I guess.

So with regard to my elegant (if I do say so myself) and just a little bit funny and scary depiction of what I have for years considered the most important chart in the financial world…


…we now have the Vampire Squid itself asking “is there a more important chart on planet earth right now?”, ha ha  ha.

Goldman Asks “Is There A More Interesting Chart On Planet Earth Right Now”  –Zero Hedge

They even supply a crappy and boring version of the chart.

Eff you and your hyperbole, Squid. Being completely independent I can write like that. I can also tell Zero Hedge to jump in a lake too. Zero Hedge, which has only chosen to publish my stuff (on very rare occasion) when it is positive on gold and never ever, but never when I am talking cautiously about it.

Herds are everywhere because most people herd and most people are tended by the mainstream, whether it be the likes of the Squid or a perma-doom blog.

Thanks to PJ for pinging me about the post at ZH.

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