Bonds Away!

Bond yields top on the Bloomberg/Gross signal, as expected

Now the caveat to my constant lampooning of ole’ Billy G comes by way of a response on Twitter to one of my fun-poking tweets. The responder thinks that maybe Gross has these big pronouncements put into the media at strategic times, like when he wants to cover a massive short position, for example.

The BOND KING is either a chronic dumbass or an evil and disreputable genius. Regardless, the BOND KING indicator (BKI) has worked again since it was first identified in real time using the 30yr yield Continuum for effect.

Today the 30yr yield is doing this as long-term bonds rally, blowing up everyone who took the bait on the BOND KING media hype. YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. LOVE. THE. MARKETS… because it’s all psychology, and it’s fun.

I make no predictions of where bonds/yields go from here on the short-term, but consider the above contrary play closed, successfully. Thank you Bond King.

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