A dis-inflationary whiff and its likely path

As inflation signals cool, various markets get relief Whether a bounce or something more extended, a bear market rally was bound to get off the ground sooner or later. It was a matter of time, with stock market sentiment this over-bearish. Here is how the US Stock Market segment led off last weekend in NFTRH 706: We then covered the technically bearish state of the … Continue reading A dis-inflationary whiff and its likely path

NFTRH 701, out now

Look into the eyes of the hawk. Think about how the hawk has dragged its talons all along the way to inflationary overload. Now the hawk speaks after the indicators have been shouting for months. Silly hawk. Silly, damaging, eggheaded Keynesian hawk. Angry? Nah. Frustrated? Yes, I was a little bit last week. Good report this week? Yes, fun to write and helpful to boot. … Continue reading NFTRH 701, out now


NFTRH 682 excerpt; COVID-19, 4th Wave

Before this week’s COVID mutant headlines served well to take more enthusiasm out of a frothy market that we have been noting to be at longer-term ‘structural’ (as opposed to varying short-term) sentiment risk, we took a look at COVID-19 from a different perspective. NFTRH 682 discussed the contrary deflationary or dis-inflationary view that could re-set the Fed from its current hawkish pretense. #682 also … Continue reading NFTRH 682 excerpt; COVID-19, 4th Wave

NFTRH 678, out now

#678 slims down just a bit but covers the relevant areas. And sure, we went macro again in order to help my own orientation, along with anyone else who may have appreciated it. It’s all about forward macro views for preparation, longer-term, and functional views in the short-term with respect to current macro. Stocks relevant to today’s macro, including commodity-related and stocks relevant to the … Continue reading NFTRH 678, out now

NFTRH 676, out now

Very helpful, Mr. 676. Very helpful indeed. I wrote you, but I did not necessarily have full clarity of what you taught me this week. So thank you. Now offering a 2 week free trial to the NFTRH Premium service with no obligation whatsoever. Sign up by PayPal, enjoy 2 free weeks of on-point market management and if it is not for you, cancel at … Continue reading NFTRH 676, out now

vs Gold, reflation still on

Cyclical markets in relation to gold indicate reflation is still on, but… The most inflation sensitive markets are still trouncing gold, while certain stock markets are flipping suspect and the Good Ship Lollipop, the US S&P 500, sails on. When the inflationary boom cycle terminates all of these charts will go in the dumper. As yet, most are anything but in the dumper. Commodities/Gold Copper/Gold … Continue reading vs Gold, reflation still on