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NFTRH+; important macro update

The 10yr-2yr yield curve is spiking impulsively and unlike the steepener into 2021 it ain't inflationary. We know that because nominal Treasury yields are dropping, not rising. If this continues…

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Notes From the Rabbit Hole


Another Positive Interim Macro Signal Last week we noted two market leadership signals, one positive (Semiconductor and Tech leadership) and one potentially negative (Healthcare relative to the broad market). The…

Notes From the Rabbit Hole

NFTRH 707, out now

The screenshot is maybe being a little modest but really, there was not much to add as the markets are doing pretty much as expected with regard to sentiment and…

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NFTRH 701, out now

Look into the eyes of the hawk. Think about how the hawk has dragged its talons all along the way to inflationary overload. Now the hawk speaks after the indicators…

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NFTRH 682 excerpt; COVID-19, 4th Wave

Before this week's COVID mutant headlines served well to take more enthusiasm out of a frothy market that we have been noting to be at longer-term 'structural' (as opposed to…

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NFTRH 678, out now

#678 slims down just a bit but covers the relevant areas. And sure, we went macro again in order to help my own orientation, along with anyone else who may…

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NFTRH+; Initial signals

Below is a snapshot of the health of the speculative inflation trades and a reason I have gold on watch to bust its bearish macro trappings at any time. There…

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NFTRH 676, out now

Very helpful, Mr. 676. Very helpful indeed. I wrote you, but I did not necessarily have full clarity of what you taught me this week. So thank you. Now offering…

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