NFTRH; Key ETF Charts

A snapshot of current daily technicals…

Precious Metals

GLD broke back above the first key support level.  120-122 will be a big test.  A rise above 120 would put in a short-term higher high to go with the recent higher low.  114 is where key support begins.



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Gold Ratio Charts

Some really important charts to interpreting the macro... Sorry sports fans, but gold has still not established a daily up trend vs. the US stock market.  Not yet. Gold vs.…

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NFTRH 324 Out Now

First report of 2015 and it seems to be well grounded and on plan.  This one helped me personally to qualify and quantify my views as to where I think…

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NFTRH 323 Out Now

NFTRH 323 ends the year in the same fashion as we began, calmly portraying what is in play within the market's swings, laying out probabilities and honestly interpreting what the…

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Commodity Bounce? Ask Aussie & CAD

From the looks of oil and base metals it's not looking good yet.  The precious metals are bouncing, but they are different and will bear watching for reasons aside from…

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NFTRH; Post-FOMC Market Update

From yesterday's ETF update: "TIP-TLT continues to indicate that the Treasury market perceives no inflation issues whatsoever.  Indeed, the whole world is worried about anything other than inflation right now. …

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Google Market Trends

Just FYI, a little exercise on some financial topics.  By Google Trends at least, the stage is setting up for a contrarian, counter-trend bounce in precious metals and commodities in…

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NFTRH 321 Out Now

A good report that departs from some of the nuts and bolts (so much so that I forgot to include the usual currency segment, which we have frankly had nailed…

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Gold-Silver Ratio May be Setting Up Favorably

For some downtrodden items, that is.  A downturn in the GSR and its fellow horseman the USD could provide some relief for the markets that have done the most poorly…

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NFTRH 317 Out Now

Actually it was out much earlier but I had to get it in the can and run this morning. So now I am back and here to tell you that…

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NFTRH; Key ETF Update

A snapshot of current technical status…

GLD made a bearish breakdown below the equiv. of gold 1180.  To even think about repairing the technicals, GLD would have to get above 115 at a minimum (gold above 1180).



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