Lunatic discusses his 30 year Treasury bond yield Continuum chart

The 30 year Treasury bond yield ‘Continuum’ in its creator’s words

[edit] YouTube channel now operational. I’d love it if you’d care to subscribe.

It’s actually another test of sorts, to get me comfortable with using Keynote and its tools. But I did enough talking in it to qualify as content. It’s nothing you have not seen me write in the past, but maybe hearing the lunatic himself presents it in a bit of a different light.

This is just one chart, one indicator. So it’s not like I am…

…well, you know. I am not staring at one chart and trying to enthrall anyone as to its mystical powers. But it is a primary tool we use and in its marriage with other out of whack macro stuff it is, in my not so humble opinion, pretty profound.

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  1. André

    Great to hear your voice! By the way it changes at about one minute 15s in this presentation (it is less cavernous). You always try to improve your service and it shows. Thanks!

    1. Gary

      Thank you Andre’. I just think things are too epic important now to be on auto pilot. That’s why I want to try to give my all now in trying to figure it out and present it in any accessible ways possible. One thing I have to be careful of is to not blab so much that I give away NFTRH strategies and application of the macro analysis. But there will be a balance and I want to be at the edge of something that most people don’t know is taking place, define it on the fly and then work the strategies in NFTRH going forward.

  2. Debbie

    I liked your commentary and actually found it easier to listen than to just read…well done

  3. MikeC

    Much clearer overall explanation, to me, as audio/video vs. the normal written report!

    1. Gary

      I have struggled with writing clearly since I began. It’s because there are so many thoughts in my mind due to all the indications incoming all the time. Then I try to spill them out on (virtual) paper and it’s tough sometimes. So maybe a guy just talking can help in that area. Maybe a monthly subscriber summary would be in order, where I can pick out a few important items and discuss. Hmmm…

    2. Gary

      Yeah, Gary the guy talks different than Gary the writer. I like Gary the writer too, though. I think he can be funny and has no b/s. But then again, I am biased.

  4. Patrick Brennan

    Well presented, happy to be on board, Captain.

    1. Gary

      Thank you, good sir.

  5. Bill Maloney

    A real-time pointer would help, especially with long term charts such as this one with many elements.

    1. Gary

      Yup, I thought about that too. Just trying to get the basics down and will refine over time.

  6. jon jonsen

    why was the limiter broken this time and not before?

    1. Gary

      Well in my view it is because inflationary policy (printing through bond manipulation) was far more extreme than even in 2008. Check out the Fed’s balance sheet and money supply readings. They blew a gasket, IMO, and the bond market finally cried “no mas!”.

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