Utes Not Buying It

The rise in short-term bond yields seemed to result from everybody getting in line and giving the FOMC its due respect (hey, they are going to raise the Funds rate...…

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NFTRH 354, Online Edition

A commitment has come up this weekend that will only allow me the time to review key points in NFTRH 354.  What a great opportunity to put more detail than usual in an update [edit: this has turned out to be NFTRH 354, with a PDF update to be mailed on Sunday].


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FOMC & Uncle Buck

I don't take too much of what goes on during FOMC week seriously with respect to making actionable moves. While in market management I try very hard to keep whatever…

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DUST Hourly

The hourly chart of 3x Gold Miner bear DUST looks bearish to me.  If the pattern becomes activated it would target the little gap and lower, down to 22.  It'll…

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June Machine Tool Sales

Sales of new Machine Tools (blue line) bumped up in June. Apparently they adjust this data but don't make mention of revisions.  The graphical representation through May, while still weak,…

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Some Daily Charts

SPX is at its MA 200.  Time to bounce to keep this unpleasant chart from becoming ugly like the Dow.


Dow is around a short-term trend line but below lateral support.  It can bounce but this has technical damage.


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Below is the opening segment of this week's edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 353.  After this theoretical exercise we got down to nuts and bolts analysis, which…

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Macrocosmic NFTRH 353

Friday was a microcosm of the macrocosmic alignment that would need to be in place for a long-term bullish view of the gold sector.  We update the precious metals and…

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NFTRH+; INTC Short Setup

[edit] I guess I neglected to password protect this post.  I have not taken this trade on a rather obvious topping pattern, but here it is publicly displayed and we'll…

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Some Leaky Charts

These range from suspect to outright ugly.  Somebody had better start buying up Junk Bonds.  Meanwhile, Treasuries are getting a bid and inflation is nowhere to be found.  Goldilocks however,…

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Semi Leadership Intact

Well folks, they never make it easy do they?  As of now the SOX is firm as apparently the Intel hype could not break the chart (though it did put…

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USD Updated

Uncle Buck popped above key resistance at 98 the other day and unsurprisingly turned down.  The thing is though, he made a higher high and at least theoretically keeps a…

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