1st Confirmed Subscriber Quits Over My Supposed “Political Bias” [w/ edit]

[edit] Make that 2nd confirmed… a gentleman quit many years ago after I made fun of Sarah Palin. I say confirmed, because I am sure I’ve lost people in the past due to my political content or other such opinionated writing*, but just didn’t know it. This gentleman took the time to write me a note. While I am not seeking permission to reproduce it, … Continue reading 1st Confirmed Subscriber Quits Over My Supposed “Political Bias” [w/ edit]

alice in wonderland

It bears repeating…

I understand that multitudes of people still think information on the internet is and should be free; and vast volumes of information is free. Unfortunately, that includes a lot of opinions, bias and those horrible marketing gimmicks disguised as content served by things called Outbrained and Taboola. That “man who called the 2008 crash has a new prediction” type stuff. It’s pure marketing to the … Continue reading It bears repeating…


Politics, Psychology and Investing

There are 3 Things in the title.  Thing 2 is a big key to managing markets and being successful at Thing 3.  Thing 1, while a consideration to the extent that it affects policy and structural macro issues, can get people all screwed up with respect to Thing 2, thereby hurting their chances with Thing 3.  As noted in an article last April, it is … Continue reading Politics, Psychology and Investing


Politically-Driven S.O.D. (Sons of Druckenmiller) to Lose Again

You know who they are; they are the ones who denied and denied the ginned up bull market in US stocks that nearly tripled under the socialist regime, circa 2009-2016.  They are the ones who clung to gold well past the caution point last summer.  They are (yes, it’s another snappy buzz phrase to either entertain, bore or annoy you… ) the S.O.D., AKA the … Continue reading Politically-Driven S.O.D. (Sons of Druckenmiller) to Lose Again


[edit] Now comes the email blow back and an edit in response… as I had posted years ago on the old site, I own a 9mm semi automatic, to go along with wood stoves, a generator and all the other stuff of being prepared (I was a boy scout, after all).  So don’t paint me with political agenda, okay?  I am not anti-gun ownership.  I … Continue reading Orlando

Sociocide (NFTRH 23)

Because we learn from the past, from mistakes and successes alike, I gained something from the old 2008 post about the miners and stock market.  Here is another, from March 7, 2009 as the final plunge in the US financial sectors blew out and the final seeds were sewn for the current bull market, by the intense and acute panic of the time.

So you’ll excuse me if some of the writing is a little dramatic or hyperbole tinged.  It was a different time in March, 2009.  I also note that I tend not to just write (stream of consciousness thoughts) as much anymore.  With reports usually between 30 and 40 pages (incl. ample graphics) I don’t even get to all the hard data each week. We are now in a time where it has paid to be subservient to the markets and do what they say.

True beliefs and orientations can be expressed when the time is right. But back in early 2009 we were easily making money by following the new trends that the majority had not yet glommed on to.  So there was ample time to brain dump a lot of thoughts along the way.

I barely ever look at these old NFTRH, but want to do so more often now because I think we are within hailing distance of new financial market trends and perspective is in my opinion an underutilized tool in the financial markets.

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