[edit] Now comes the email blow back and an edit in response… as I had posted years ago on the old site, I own a 9mm semi automatic, to go along with wood stoves, a generator and all the other stuff of being prepared (I was a boy scout, after all).  So don’t paint me with political agenda, okay?  I am not anti-gun ownership.  I … Continue reading Orlando


So here we have a QE-inflated Euro tanking per ECB’s wishes and an impulsive Uncle Buck, which you must know is not on the Fed’s wish list (hello ZIRP). There are people talking in tones of assurance that the Fed is going to raise interest rates, but why on earth do you think they have lagged so long, baffling us with alternating Jawbones instead of … Continue reading USD/EUR

Worldwide PV Equipment Bookings/Billings Down

It just just a small appetizer for the main course, which will be the Semiconductor Equipment sector’s Book-to-Bill ratio coming out soon.  But for now, here is the latest PV equipment data from SEMI: Here is the report that accompanies it.  The Book-to-Bill ratio for the PV industry is declining sharply over the last year and nominal bookings and billings have been declining ever since … Continue reading Worldwide PV Equipment Bookings/Billings Down

NFTRH 320 Out Now

NFTRH 320 deals in some ‘normal’ subject matter (global currency exchange implications), talks about how ‘normal’ economists view jobs, demand and prices as pertains to inflation and how good stocks are and how bad gold is in good times under ‘normal’ circumstances. Then again, 320 also clearly illustrates the abormalities of the policy that built it all.  A really enjoyable report to write this week.  … Continue reading NFTRH 320 Out Now

Inflation Clarification

By far the most negative feedback I get is when I write something about inflation or specifically, about how inflation is nowhere to be found outside of the stock market on this cycle.  A quote from this morning’s article disturbed one reader thusly… “So too have many notable and respected asset managers and economists been thrown for a loop during the current inflation operation that … Continue reading Inflation Clarification