It bears repeating…

I understand that multitudes of people still think information on the internet is and should be free; and vast volumes of information is free. Unfortunately, that includes a lot of opinions, bias and those horrible marketing gimmicks disguised as content served by things called Outbrained and Taboola. That “man who called the 2008 crash has a new prediction” type stuff. It’s pure marketing to the lowest common denominator, it is free and it harvests eyeballs. But I digress.

This website is free (excluding subscriber updates, which have been fewer lately on a combination of summer mode and markets remaining generally in line with the weekend analysis) and in my opinion well worth the while of people who do want to find some serious free market analysis on the internet. But it is not the NFTRH service, which does not waste time with political commentary (other than as it informs the analysis) or other opinion-making like yesterday’s post about Tesla and Elon Musk.

I believe I offended someone’s sense of Tesla and Musk with that post. Or at least prompted a response from him (an NFTRH subscriber) that was well put together with a case well argued about why Musk is Musk and what Tesla actually is (a transformational company). The Tesla post was pure public content, highlighting a chart and some opinions. It was not analysis other than to draw a red resistance zone on a chart.

Previous to that I have repeatedly offended people who support president Trump. Personally, I don’t like the guy as a human being and have positive and negative views of his policies. But it is a source of encouragement for me that some Trump supporters merely endure me, rather than turn me off. That shows sophistication rather than auto-think. I don’t think the lunatic fringe of his “base” ever would show up here in the first place.

In NFTRH I’ll write as a human when it suits the analysis or a point I am trying to make in service to the analysis. I’ll even let my goofy humor find its way in here and there. But NFTRH’s only mission is to remain on the pulse of the markets, regardless of what the media and economic experts are saying.

Here on the website I often just put up blurbs of analysis that didn’t make it into NFTRH, so subscribers can add it to their info base and public readers can benefit from the information, stand-alone. It can’t all fit into a weekend report that is already detailed beyond most others. The most actionable stuff goes in there, and it goes in well before it may (or may not) ever be highlighted here.

But in public I also often speak as me, good and faulty opinions and all. I piss off a few people, because after all, if you’re not doing that on occasion (e.g. muck raking the gold bugs) you are little more than a vanilla bias reinforcer. Many in my business don’t dare comment on politics because that is anathema to max-subscribership. After all, you state a political opinion one way or the other, you already know that half of the US probably disagrees. For what it’s worth, I think both sides of that aisle are a freaking joke (at least as applies to the financial system), as implied in this post on Tuesday.

I’ve said it before, you try writing millions of words over 1.5 decades and see if you don’t slip up once in a while, piss off a slew of people or bore the hell out of yourself unless you are able to speak in your own voice and write for yourself, not for some target audience.

It is no wonder that the likes of the big newsletter names you see out there have massive marketing arms like the Casey machine and the army of copywriters known as Agora Financial. I remember something on LinkedIn from Agora seeking copywriters with part of the job description being to clean up and/or re-write sometimes incomprehensible analysis (I am not kidding, I saw that) written by Agora’s analysts.

This guy says he spent $15,000 on said products, but might have asked himself “who is the actual product here?” before purchase.

From BBB

Anyway, the market is opening and we move on. Pardon the long digression that is this post that rambled further afield than I thought it would. But hey, it’s public content!