Intel and Sanford Burnedstein

This is unfortunate for a member of the buttoned down, highly paid stock analyst community. Sanford Bernstein has evidently been bearish on Intel all the way up, most recently reaffirming a ‘sell’ on the stock: April 24, 2018: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)‘s stock had its “sell” rating reiterated by research analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein in a research note issued to investors on Tuesday. They presently have … Continue reading Intel and Sanford Burnedstein


Intel, SOX and the Prospect of an Upside Acceleration, Blow Off

Sometimes I look at individual stocks and ask myself something like this, using Intel as the current example: ‘how, if the market is going to go bearish [in Q4] can Intel be targeting 40 (and 44, on a longer-term chart)?’ The answer is of course that ‘there are no absolutes sir, so your Q4 market projections could be wrong’. These are the financial markets with … Continue reading Intel, SOX and the Prospect of an Upside Acceleration, Blow Off

Intel on the Move w/in its Handle

Due to the Trump/N.K. nuke standoff noise the market dropped in August, sentiment got short-term over bearish and I added several stocks. The more spectacular have been the likes of GILD (sold) and MZOR (partial sold, holding balance). Among the least spectacular has been Intel after it was added per this post on August 21. It’s stabbing up through the daily SMA 200 today. And … Continue reading Intel on the Move w/in its Handle

Introducing the Chart of MICA

You have heard of the FANGs? We have used a weekly chart of FB, AMZN, NFLX & GOOGL every week in NFTRH since the market started going bullish last year in order to illustrate their constructive → bullish → robo trending → overbought & vulnerable → over sexed momo darling progression. Today we introduce a companion of relatively staid big tech companions, the MICAs. I bought … Continue reading Introducing the Chart of MICA

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Intel Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts & Market Talk

It’s the old dinosaur of a chipmaker, INTC again.  This was one of the earliest NFTRH+ highlights (the chart in the post does not render because it was on a now-defunct server) in 2014.  The long-term target, based on a long-term breakout, was 40.  To this day INTC has not yet hit that target.  But working at their snail’s pace, the charts still hold … Continue reading NFTRH+; Intel Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts & Market Talk

semi book to bill ratio

Semi Equipment Still Robust, Book-to-Bill Trend Intact and Thoughts on the Market

SEMI snuck its August Equipment book-to-bill report by me, releasing it earlier than usual on the 15th.  No matter, we got bullish months ago (despite some expert bearish views I was notified about at the time) and while stock prices have ramped up significantly (as the herd caught on), the sector remains strong, business-wise. The green box represents a trend and if the data were … Continue reading Semi Equipment Still Robust, Book-to-Bill Trend Intact and Thoughts on the Market

NFTRH+; INTC Short Setup

[edit] I guess I neglected to password protect this post.  I have not taken this trade on a rather obvious topping pattern, but here it is publicly displayed and we’ll see how it goes. Intel is in a distinct H&S topping pattern and is losing its neckline today.  For those interested, especially those bearish for fundamental reasons, here is a simple short setup.  It looks … Continue reading NFTRH+; INTC Short Setup

Updating Intel

Now that we have the FOMC hysterics, the Russia hysterics, crude oil hysterics and Greece hysterics (have I missed any?… oh yeh) put to bed for a moment, maybe we can get on with a seasonal period that could be relatively calm, allowing an over sold market to repair some of its hurt feelings. If the seasonal script works out for a few weeks, I’ll … Continue reading Updating Intel