Intel Daily, Weekly & Monthly

This was one of the first NFTRH+ ideas going back to the free add-on service’s beginning and INTC’s big picture breakout in 2014. Let’s work from bigger to smaller pictures using monthly, weekly and daily charts.

In 2014 Intel breaks above 24 and establishes a target of 40. It looked back only once to test the breakout during the market’s bear phase and top (that wasn’t) in 2015. Years later, still no target acquisition. That’s okay, I’ve got time (as long as the market view holds up). BTW, yes I do see that waning volume since the breakout. What do they say about not taking everything TAs say as gospel? Some like to titillate and scare you with important sounding things that often aren’t.

intel, intc

My most recent buy was on the drop to test the daily SMA 50 per this post from August 21. This was a buying opportunity on Intel and many others compliments of some North Korea jitters (and associated hype). You buy those, Bueller. In that post we also noted a weekly chart Cup & Handle and target. Here is a chart with the details filled in.

intel weekly chart

Finally, the daily chart is in a bullish pattern but getting overbought. The pattern measures to 40-41. With the weekly not very overbought and all else being equal with the market, I’d not expect too much of a pullback from overbought. It could consolidate or just ram upward to target(s) as well.

intel daily chart

Just a little stroll through different time frames on a stock I’ve had a thing for for years now.

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