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Semi Sector: A Warning or a Buy?

We began tracking this negative divergence in NFTRH last year as the leadership of two premier Semi Equipment companies began to decelerate vs. the broad sector. Over time the ugly…

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INTC Profit Booked

12% on an old Tech dinosaur? One which has come to the initial target in a high risk market? Taking it (off the buy on Aug. 21) and not looking…

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Intel Daily, Weekly & Monthly

This was one of the first NFTRH+ ideas going back to the free add-on service's beginning and INTC's big picture breakout in 2014. Let's work from bigger to smaller pictures…

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Intel on the Move w/in its Handle

Due to the Trump/N.K. nuke standoff noise the market dropped in August, sentiment got short-term over bearish and I added several stocks. The more spectacular have been the likes of…

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Company Earnings = Head Spinning

The other day we noted one Medical Device company (EW) giveth while the other (BABY) taketh away. Today we have the Semiconductor sector's version of that as SIMO giveth and…

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nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Less Intel Inside (Public)

This is the place where I sometimes toot about some of the good trades that I have made and presented to NFTRH subscribers.  It is also the place where we…

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Checking in on the Semiconductor Complex

A few weekly charts (the index, the primary chip maker, an equipment company and a materials company) to gauge the progress of this sector that was so hard to get…

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