Semi Sector: A Warning or a Buy?

We began tracking this negative divergence in NFTRH last year as the leadership of two premier Semi Equipment companies began to decelerate vs. the broad sector. Over time the ugly patterns became even uglier with breakdowns to new lows. This chart shows that ugliness but more importantly it tries to illustrate AMAT & LRCX as leading indicators for the broad markets. In 2013 it was … Continue reading Semi Sector: A Warning or a Buy?

Intel on the Move w/in its Handle

Due to the Trump/N.K. nuke standoff noise the market dropped in August, sentiment got short-term over bearish and I added several stocks. The more spectacular have been the likes of GILD (sold) and MZOR (partial sold, holding balance). Among the least spectacular has been Intel after it was added per this post on August 21. It’s stabbing up through the daily SMA 200 today. And … Continue reading Intel on the Move w/in its Handle

It’s the 1.5 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Market

At least that has been my experience over the last few weeks. SIMO tested the SMA 50, which was noted as a buying opp. in NFTRH+ (with a ‘stop’ below it). Now it’s channel busting up. Yay me! But INTC dropped on the same day (now recovering to re-take the ‘Handle’). I hold both of these Semis. Before that, EW launched on earnings but BABY … Continue reading It’s the 1.5 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back Market


Checking in on the Semiconductor Complex

A few weekly charts (the index, the primary chip maker, an equipment company and a materials company) to gauge the progress of this sector that was so hard to get bullish on a few months ago and now, maybe too easy to be bullish on for momos, speed freaks and various other casino patrons. The Semiconductor Index (SOX) measures to 870 on its weekly pattern.  … Continue reading Checking in on the Semiconductor Complex

NFTRH+; INTC (Time Frame Confluence)

Folks, the market is over loved, unhealthy and… still bullish.  As long as that is the case we must accept it.  When the technicals turn, so will we. In that regard, here is an updated view on one of the earliest + highlights, Intel, from June.  The big picture target from that update (when INTC resided at 27.63) was 40.  Well today in breaking above … Continue reading NFTRH+; INTC (Time Frame Confluence)