Two Tech Dinosaurs At/Near Targets

Here are the updated but un-retouched charts of Intel and Cisco as projected from their long-term basing patterns. This chart was created in 2016 to add CSCO to the already in-play breakout in INTC, which we began charting in 2014.

INTC got to its most recent target a few months ago and has been hanging around there. CSCO looks like it’s got its target locked and loaded in the coming weeks.

intel, cisco

One thing I’d like to and have been trying to work on is my patience over long stretches of time. Where I tend to drift from my own projections by getting caught up in the noise of the day, week or month. You know that when I drone on and on about patience and perspective I am talking to me at least as much as you, right?

Profits were taken on each of these, but they were taken too soon. They are fairly reliable large tech companies and a case could have been made (by my more patient side) to just hold them. But alas…

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