NFTRH+; INTC Big Picture

I remind you that any NFTRH+ trades are your responsibility solely and these trades may not be revisited any time soon if at all.  They are simply ideas for you to consider for further research or disregard at your discretion.

Very simply if INTC clears its long term resistance as the SOX index has already done, the target of 40 would be activated.  This is a long term trade for anyone interested in Intel, Semiconductors/chips and/or a bull view on the US stock market.


A possible stimulant for Intel would be any positive news in its progress into the mobile chip market, which has been a long time in coming and has seen continuing delays in gaining traction.

Regardless, the chart is what we are managing here and break and hold above resistance would see nothing but hot air as far as would-be resistance is concerned, up to and even through target.

Buy:  Current level or break of resistance

Sell:  40 or as suits individual orientation

Stop Loss:  A failure of this big picture resistance point.