Updating Intel

Now that we have the FOMC hysterics, the Russia hysterics, crude oil hysterics and Greece hysterics (have I missed any?… oh yeh) put to bed for a moment, maybe we can get on with a seasonal period that could be relatively calm, allowing an over sold market to repair some of its hurt feelings.

If the seasonal script works out for a few weeks, I’ll look forward to just shutting off the more intense of my cranial functions and go into maintenance mode (while watching forward-looking macro data) and enjoy the season.  I’ll also do my favorite thing, which is just plain and simple charting of stocks and markets.

Intel for instance, continues to target 40 based on my highly scientific measurement system (yes, a joke).  But weekly chart simplicity aside, there is confluence to 40 or higher by the monthly chart we originally presented many months ago as an NFTRH+ idea.  40 was loaded then and it remains so.

Maybe a seasonal push, if we are so fortunate, could put INTC to target.


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