Yield Curve Today

The beaten to a pulp yield curve has been quietly rising the last few days.  Here is today’s view of a gentle rise as nominal yields on all durations decline.  If 2014’s main macro trends (for example, stocks up, gold down) are to continue in 2015, the curve would most likely keep dropping.  A problem being that there is a lot of risk vs. reward … Continue reading Yield Curve Today

Machine Tool Sales Fade in November

It is not that big a big deal since December is the month when the rubber usually meets the road for last minute tax season buyers of high end machine tool equipment.  But November dropped off a bit, as it often does.  The December report along with December’s Semi equipment book-to-bill ratio will be watched with great interest by this little corner of the internet … Continue reading Machine Tool Sales Fade in November

NFTRH+; LSCC (incl. parameters)

When we first started with the trade setup service, we highlighted two Semiconductor companies; one large (Intel, which has worked out well) and one small (LSCC, which did not work out).  Today we revisit LSCC by its current daily chart setup. First, to review Lattice Semiconductor is a specialty Semi company playing in the mobile and ‘wearables’ space, which is my personal preference.  The link … Continue reading NFTRH+; LSCC (incl. parameters)

About Those Small Caps

During the early December correction that set the stage for the Santa rally, we (being NFTRH) watched the Russell 2000, which had actually been relatively weak as it floundered below resistance at around 1150. It then smashed through that resistance and joined the other indexes in bullish territory.  It has since taken up leadership in what seems almost too logical a manner, considering that this … Continue reading About Those Small Caps

NFTRH 323 Out Now

NFTRH 323 ends the year in the same fashion as we began, calmly portraying what is in play within the market’s swings, laying out probabilities and honestly interpreting what the bigger trends are, without bias or emotion.  NFTRH 323, out now! Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates (including Key ETF charts) and NFTRH+ chart and trade ideas or the … Continue reading NFTRH 323 Out Now

Commodity Bounce? Ask Aussie & CAD

From the looks of oil and base metals it’s not looking good yet.  The precious metals are bouncing, but they are different and will bear watching for reasons aside from those that drive commodities.  Well, gold anyway. All of what inflation bull promoters call the ‘natural resources’ are so beaten to a pulp that a seasonal bid could come at any moment. Here are the … Continue reading Commodity Bounce? Ask Aussie & CAD

Semiconductor Equipment Sector Update

NFTRH 322 covered the usual range of markets, from US to global stocks to precious metals and commodities to currencies and indicators.  It also included an extended economic discussion about the realities of the strong US economy and its dangerous underpinnings. The economic segment began with this look at the Semiconductor Equipment sector, which was our first indicator on economic strength exactly 2 years ago … Continue reading Semiconductor Equipment Sector Update

NFTRH Update; Biotech Sector

[edit] post unlocked to give public readers an idea of how NFTRH manages the entirety of the market (not just special interests like precious metals, tech, semiconductors, etc.) every step of the way – as an interrelated entity composed of many parts – to interpret and refine probabilities. Since we monitor the Biotech sector along with the Semiconductors as a momentum leader, let’s look at … Continue reading NFTRH Update; Biotech Sector