The Internet is Free, I Tell You! Biiwii Signing Off, Exit Stage Left

It has been a funny week for me. I actually did an NFTRH subscriber update on Friday after receiving an email that began “Gary please update us!” with respect to the stock market. The emailer was asking if it was time to short again. Anyway, the subsequent update for subscribers began… I was not going to update because the market is not doing anything we … Continue reading The Internet is Free, I Tell You! Biiwii Signing Off, Exit Stage Left

Biiwii: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Biiwii has been a busy little bee. Along with an actual gold bug worth listening to, Keith Weiner, the ever insightful Kevin Muir, our very own Quant, Rob Hanna, macro chart geek Callum Thomas, my long-time fellow blogging pals Mark from IKN and Tim from Slope of Hope, Alhambra, Chris Ciovacco and several other worth while (i.e. no effing robotic pseudo content) writers presenting the … Continue reading Biiwii: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

RIP Biiwii?

Well folks, all good things have to come to an end.  And that end is helped by an amateur trying to do things out of his league in this case.  Unlike this 100% secure site, operated behind the scenes by WordPress, was a WordPress installation, i.e. a database that I had to manage.  It was amazing that I got this far without a critical … Continue reading RIP Biiwii?


Technical Issue @ Biiwii

Just a quick admin note that is having a technical issue.  While the site is readily accessible to the public, it’s dynamic functions are not accessible to an administrator, AKA me.  While we (me and my ‘tech guy’, PJ) get to the bottom of this, posting will continue as normal here at Today is a great affirmation of why I pay for premium, … Continue reading Technical Issue @ Biiwii

Quick Note

Just a note that is going to be more orientated toward subscribers going forward.  There will also be public content but it will be strictly analytical and mostly related to NFTRH themes whereas is going to have some of my public analysis and all of my commentary-intensive content, like Bird Doo; Yellen Goes to Congress for example. With a 30+ page weekend letter, … Continue reading Quick Note