Quick Note

Just a note that NFTRH.com is going to be more orientated toward subscribers going forward.  There will also be public content but it will be strictly analytical and mostly related to NFTRH themes whereas Biiwii.com is going to have some of my public analysis and all of my commentary-intensive content, like Bird Doo; Yellen Goes to Congress for example.

With a 30+ page weekend letter, intensive in-week updating and a tough winter schedule (including too many times up on a roof full of snow) I had to streamline things from a public writing perspective.

But having the time the last couple of days to post on Biiwii, I forgot how much I enjoy just writing and also throwing up quickie chart posts that are less formal.  So now it is two websites, one for business and the other for business and for fun.

At least that is how it seems to be shaking out now.  I really love having this ad-free environment for subscribers, keeping it separate and discrete.  But I like being ‘me’ (warts and all) as a human too and so I’ll try to do that more often at the ‘B’.