Admin note about the website & RSS feed

Yesterday I converted from displaying a blog on the front page to instead display a static front page, with the blog now a page within the site. The blog is now accessible from the menu as shown below. Also, to view only public (non-premium) posts just click the blog’s sub-menu. Finally, if you follow the site with an RSS reader I believe you’ll have … Continue reading Admin note about the website & RSS feed

New website feature: view public posts only

I realize that NFTRH premium is not for everyone, even though I wish it were. It is not for those who want only the quick hits and ‘need to know’ up/down, bullish/bearish conclusions without the supporting work that informs those views. It is not for day traders or pure chart readers who don’t care about the macro backdrop and why it is important to understand … Continue reading New website feature: view public posts only


Technical Issue @ Biiwii

Just a quick admin note that is having a technical issue.  While the site is readily accessible to the public, it’s dynamic functions are not accessible to an administrator, AKA me.  While we (me and my ‘tech guy’, PJ) get to the bottom of this, posting will continue as normal here at Today is a great affirmation of why I pay for premium, … Continue reading Technical Issue @ Biiwii

Quick Note

Just a note that is going to be more orientated toward subscribers going forward.  There will also be public content but it will be strictly analytical and mostly related to NFTRH themes whereas is going to have some of my public analysis and all of my commentary-intensive content, like Bird Doo; Yellen Goes to Congress for example. With a 30+ page weekend letter, … Continue reading Quick Note