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I am not done by any means, but as you can see the site is in process to change. At least the version you are reading right now displays the darned Print, Twitter and other buttons at the bottom of posts instead of taking up real estate on the left side where they had been scrunching post content too thin for my, and I assume your liking.

It’s all related to having switched from my beloved classic post editor to the new block editor from WordPress and how the newer website themes available behave. Anyway, a couple other glitches happened when dealing with the mobile version of the site and menu links, and while I am getting a nice education, there is trial, error and learning involved.

I’ll probably shit can this theme you are reading now in favor of another one I like better, but whatever I settle on is going to have those darn buttons down below so content – including charts and graphics – is more readily viewed.

Okay, Wednesday is a no drink night for me, but there’s a Rangers game on and I may make an exception because I am fried from all of this website work today.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with an improving situation.


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  1. P.


    looks way cooler than before. I am glad you removed the too large pictures on top.
    You always had to scroll down first to get to the top of the content.

    1. Gary

      Yes, it took me a while to realize simpler is better. Also, I just love that the print/share buttons are below the posts now so that the posts are wider.

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