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Well, it goes like this. I used to use a page at Investing.com as a way to get a quick view of major (and a lot of minor) market data. The charts are handy too. But I just could not get beyond the increased badgering about shutting off my ad blocker, and so I moved on.

Now, I know some people think not watching websites’ ads is sacrilege on the internet (well, the ad-riddled sites do, anyway). After all, websites need to harvest your eyeballs serve you ads as they also serve you content for free. I get that; but being the proprietor of a website that asks you to view not a single 3rd party ad (ever) I walk the walk and so I will talk the talk of personally not putting up with the increasing ad pollution (including all that faux content crap served by Taboola, Outbrain and friends) on the internet.

Long story short, I started building a page using the same service Investing.com does. That would be TradingView, a charting service to which I am a paying customer (along with stockcharts.com). I happen to believe you pay for quality and websites that are asking you to wade through ad-sludge well, that speaks for itself. Here is the new page…

Live Data & Charts

So NFTRH.com is 100% free (aside from its protected subscriber content) and ad-free, and now it’s got a new feature you might like to check out. I’ll probably add to it and improve it over time, but this morning I popped it up because I’d had enough of the ad wars while trying to get data. I will note that the yield curve link that goes to CNBC does have ads when I turn off Ghostery, but CNBC allows me to view the site ad-free without any belligerence. So unless that changes, it can stay.

As a side note, website ad pollution humorously reminds me of that most excellent movie, They Live, when I look at a website with my Ghostery-protected eyes and then take off the eye protection and see the site as it really is. It’s hilarious… and a little bit scary.

Okay, well, YouTube will probably serve you an ad if you’re not using a blocker. Dohhh…