NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)

We NFTRH+’d GOOGL back on Feb. 17.  Since then it has done what I wanted in dropping to support for a buying opportunity.  It then did what I didn’t really want and dropped a little further, where I bought a little more.  Ultimately, support held after the whipsaw.  The pattern is now active and the target is noted. This, like any trade, is pending the … Continue reading NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)

Gold-CCI & GDX

Before the hype of PDAC kicks in (and I install my ear plugs against it) here is one more gold sector chart that I find interesting, to say the least. The spike in Gold-CCI (a big picture indicator of global economic contraction) corresponded with liquidation in the gold stocks in 2008.  The correlation has been an on again, off again grind since. On the recent … Continue reading Gold-CCI & GDX

Quick Note

Just a note that is going to be more orientated toward subscribers going forward.  There will also be public content but it will be strictly analytical and mostly related to NFTRH themes whereas is going to have some of my public analysis and all of my commentary-intensive content, like Bird Doo; Yellen Goes to Congress for example. With a 30+ page weekend letter, … Continue reading Quick Note

Semiconductor b2b

Just one small segment of conventional analysis NFTRH 331 found itself doing… Semiconductor Sector Folks, it is b2b (book-to-bill) time again and the reading for January came in at 1.03, which represents growth from the December reading. But the b2b bears discussion. Last month we noted that the lower number (.99) was really not bad because it was the product of ramped up billings, while … Continue reading Semiconductor b2b

NFTRH 331 Out Now

This week NFTRH moves further from the lunatic fringe and into conventional market analysis with lots of talk about relative global stock valuations, using P/E ratios and currency movements as the talking points. We also break down the latest Semiconductor Book-to-Bill and illustrate why the precious metals are still not ready. Also, there is a sentiment issue cropping up in US stock markets, even as … Continue reading NFTRH 331 Out Now