Biiwii is Finding its Stride

Just a heads up that I’ve finally gotten around to attending to after deciding that it is worth putting a little elbow grease into.

The Biiwii and NFTRH visual themes are now uniform and are in my opinion, easy on the eye. I’ve now built up a discrete and limited roster of enough quality – and by quality I mean a combination of excellent, no b/s insight, unique and/or colorful style and non-promotional attitude (outside of the infrequent EWI ‘sponsored’ post that may show up).

Keeping an eye on these writers will help me during the week in a similar way that writing NFTRH reports helps me on the weekends. When I write the reports I tune everybody out, but during the week there are things happening that I can’t keep track of personally. Right now I am actually listening to Exploration Insights’ Joe Mazumdar, as recommended in a post by Otto at IKN, and it is very helpful because with my wide net of coverage, I don’t have time to be a gold sector micro analyst.

So anyway, I just wanted to give readers a little more info, as Biiwii is not only still there, it is rapidly improving after its founder decided to make a commitment to it (after I blew up its database a year or so ago it took me this long to decide whether I even wanted to keep it going). Here’s a partial screenshot of the front page, which if clicked brings you to the site.

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