What Biiwii’s Been Up to

macro touristFrankly, after I accidentally blew up its data base last year I was not even sure the site would keep going.  But I decided to keep it going (mostly minus my content, which is nice and comfy here at NFTRH)… if I could make it something that would not just robo-post content for content’s sake, but over time bring the best in independent market analysis and commentary.  Mission… being accomplished.

Today Kevin Muir of the Macro Tourist joins another recent addition Heisenberg, to go long with Tim Knight and Otto Rock of IKN as writers offering that something different that you’re not gonna find anywhere else (except at their sites, which I of course recommend).  These are the people that make Biiwii worth it to me.  Also published regularly are Jeffrey Snider and Joe Calhoun of Alhambra, Bob Hoye, Steve Saville and a few  other sources that I find to be of consistent quality, limited promotion and sound thinking.  I’ll keep an eye out for more, but again, it’s thin pickin’s out there and so there is nothing wrong with concentration.

You will notice that there is no content by writers who only write about gold or gold stocks.  That is a conscious decision I’ve made.  If I felt I needed to discipline myself (and my market service) to not obsess on that one, over-pumped sector, I am certainly not going to have a website that feeds the beast, so to speak.  Anyone who kept on micro-managing gold stocks for enthralled gold bugs through an obvious bear market qualifies as obsessive in my book.  There will be gold content, but only by those who know there is a world outside of Goldbugville.

Anyway, with other priorities, I have not really mentioned Biiwii much here on this site.  But adding the Macro Tourist to Heisenberg, who was added to Rock and Knight makes me think we’re going to have an ongoing destination for quality market content.  So, keep an eye on it.  Much like my own market service, Biiwii.com is on a path to continual improvement and value (in this case, free).

So we’ll see how it goes and how long I want to keep doing it (or have a trusted someone do it).  Of course, one could just set up feedly and get the same thing.  Ha ha ha… but it’s a good old fashioned website.  Check it out on occasion.  The link is just to the right, above the Facebook page for NFTRH.com, which I’d love for you to put a like or follow on as well.

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