RIP Biiwii?

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Well folks, all good things have to come to an end.  And that end is helped by an amateur trying to do things out of his league in this case.  Unlike this 100% secure site, operated behind the scenes by WordPress, was a WordPress installation, i.e. a database that I had to manage.  It was amazing that I got this far without a critical error in managing that thing.

Bottom line?  I screwed it up fatally.

Other bottom line?  I feel liberated.  Towing that DB around through life was kind of like strapping a large boulder on and dragging it around.

Bottomest bottom line? may be back, but it will be in a far different form, either as a simple interface for posting the NFTRH archive and/or as a streamlined blog.  Too soon to tell right now.

RIP Biiwii as we knew you.  :-(