Guest: Gold-Silver Ratio by Monetary Metals

By Monetary Metals Gold-Silver Ratio Breakout The gold to silver ratio moved up very sharply this week, +4.2%. How did this happen? It was not because of a move in…

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Justified (rock music)

Clicking the graphic yields another song as used to be posted at Biiwii.  This is among the few off topic things that will be posted here at I'm a…

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alice in wonderland

NFTRH 384 Out Now

Just another in a continuum of reports that have been in line with a macro theme seeing a loss of momentum in the US stock market and potential bottoming in…

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Gold & Silver CoT Worsen Yet Again

[edit] I am glad I write an in-depth financial market report every weekend because it forces me to do work that sometimes adds context to these quickie posts and in-week…

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‘Inflation Trade’ Ready?

Here is a look at today's economic data releases.  This follows on to yesterday's big bump in Durable Goods (+4.9% correcting a previous -4.6%). The market is cheering the 1%…

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Gold’s Full House

Using the Macrocosm theme again (I can't get enough of this gimmick) let's update some key gold ratios in poker terms. Gold is currently working on a 'full house', with…

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HUI Log & Linear Charts

For months we have been having a little fun with some bears who were managing the final "plunge" using log charts.  Here's the weekly log showing the breakdown that tantalized…

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Read more about the article RIP Biiwii?

RIP Biiwii?

Well folks, all good things have to come to an end.  And that end is helped by an amateur trying to do things out of his league in this case. …

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