HUI Log & Linear Charts

For months we have been having a little fun with some bears who were managing the final “plunge” using log charts.  Here’s the weekly log showing the breakdown that tantalized them.  Of course there are no more bears anymore.  They are literally playing the breakout of the channel.  It’s all momentum oriented “crap” as I noted in NFTRH 383. “HUI never did break down from … Continue reading HUI Log & Linear Charts

RIP Biiwii?

Well folks, all good things have to come to an end.  And that end is helped by an amateur trying to do things out of his league in this case.  Unlike this 100% secure site, operated behind the scenes by WordPress, was a WordPress installation, i.e. a database that I had to manage.  It was amazing that I got this far without a critical … Continue reading RIP Biiwii?


Semi b2b Jumps to 1.08, and it’s Deceiving

The Semi equipment book-to-bill ratio jumped all the way to 1.08!  Can you believe that?  Well unfortunately, what matters is nominal bookings and billings.  Bookings eased a bit from December’s bump up and billings dropped harder.  In other words, the b2b was driven by Thing 1 dropping less than Thing 2.  So it is not at all positive, but could have been worse had bookings … Continue reading Semi b2b Jumps to 1.08, and it’s Deceiving

alice, nftrh

NFTRH; US Stock Market

From Monday’s pre-market update… “Based on this morning’s futures, it looks like the stock market may try to convince us that it is done consolidating below the top of the ‘W’ pattern and could be ready for another bounce leg.  But the gap open projects to 1940, which is still below the ‘W’ high of 1947.  Realizing this and that Mondays can sometimes be head … Continue reading NFTRH; US Stock Market