The Internet is Free, I Tell You! Biiwii Signing Off, Exit Stage Left

It has been a funny week for me. I actually did an NFTRH subscriber update on Friday after receiving an email that began “Gary please update us!” with respect to the stock market. The emailer was asking if it was time to short again.

Anyway, the subsequent update for subscribers began…

I was not going to update because the market is not doing anything we have not already covered (it is again breaking above the equiv. of SPX 2815). But a subscriber requests an update as he does not trust the rally, coming on trade optimism as it is and amid “hidden bearish divergence” on weekly charts. So ever the obliging sort, I’ll weigh in, although I don’t know that I have much to add to what we already know.

Well, it turns out it was not a subscriber who emailed. It was a gentleman who had read public content here in the past and wanted an update to that content, given the endurance of the current stock rally.

It’s fine, really. I actually had a laugh (at myself) about it after and it did prompt an up to the minute update for subscribers. But here is a main point for public readers to take away…

What you read on this website is not comprehensive analysis. Some of it is analysis and a fair amount is not. It it blogging. There is no continuity of analysis involved and in the markets, continuity and updating of themes are absolutely paramount because the markets have this funny way of changing. Therefore we must be prepared to either change or otherwise refine, alter and/or confirm our views at any given time.

There is a reason people pay me for real analysis and real work. Sure, the internet is free. Yeehaw! Ride ’em cowboy! It’s the wild west out there and you can find anything (and all too often it can find you). *

Anyway, wrapping up our little story I want to let you know that a website that produced genuinely quality content with ZERO ads and a nice, clean presentation is going off the air soon. will be no more unless someone wants it and contacts me.

Exit, Stage Left

Meanwhile, we carry on here at, which will actually benefit from the time freed up, as will my own investing research. After 50 page weekly NFTRH reports and associated updates and other interests my schedule was severely strained. So Biiwii had to go. The other things I do contribute to my bottom line and one of those is personal stock/market research, which was under pressure. It’s been fun and I do recommend the writers Biiwii published. But frankly I feel liberated.

* Yup, that’s a dig at all that Taboola, Outbrained crap disguising infomercials as content on websites using an advertising model, which is of course, most of them.

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