Core CPI Hits 2 Year Low, Any Questions?

Inflation reads flat and core CPI hits 2 year low; because of course they did!

One year ago we began projecting a coming bull rally that would be the product of disinflation and thus easing inflation concerns. A Goldilocks environment, so to speak. You can tap the headline to read whatever the MSfM has to say about it…

inflation was flat in october

But more and more it seems that my wild ass guess (with just a touch of education to it) may prove to be right on.

30 year treasury bond yield
wayne & garth

And with inflation fears (like, even the most ardent inflation touts and phobes) receding fast the stock market is set up to party for the seasonal. It’s all so perfect I am slightly beside myself. A perfect bookend may be setting up to that which started the rally a year ago. But, no predictions. Just analysis. For all I know the market will just bubble to the bull heavens for ever and ever. But… the analysis begs to differ.

Meanwhile, you know what to do boyz…

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  1. Bart

    Nice call, PAL(L).

  2. Gary

    So far, so good!

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