No Name

As I continue my little ongoing retrospective of our old would-be songs, left in the dustbin or ‘in process’, after my brother in law Chris’s death, I stumble upon this guy. No name. No lyrics. One drum, one bass and two git fiddles. I think it’s kind of catchy. No Name Happy new year to you, dear reader. Continue reading No Name

You can bet a lot of eyes are on this ‘W’ pattern

Small Caps (IWM) are at a technical decision point And that decision is between breakdown or a hold of the daily trends of the SMA 50 (intermediate) and SMA 200 (major). This market seems to revel in keeping players in suspense (ref. the Copper/Gold ratio and other as yet undecided macro indicators). I would think that a loss of the small caps would not be … Continue reading You can bet a lot of eyes are on this ‘W’ pattern

Little Hymie and lessons learned [w/ edit] & another [edit]!

Himax (HIMX) busts a move [edit2] A subscriber informs me that Hymie is something that Jesse Jackson calls Jewish people and is offensive. Not that it needs clarification but that is something I have never heard or known about. I actively avoid racist morons like Jesse Jackson or any other media muckraker/hate monger. In my mind Hymie goes back to much simpler times… I grew … Continue reading Little Hymie and lessons learned [w/ edit] & another [edit]!

Say, do you think risk is still ‘on’?

Message from Junk Bonds is still risk ‘on’ People touting bearish media headlines (like the Omicron/Fed tapering 1-2 punch) may be reinforcing the herd’s tendency to react rather than think, but all you have to do to know what the market actually thinks is to watch the indicators. Those would include the Copper/Gold ratio for its inflationary cyclical/counter-cyclical indications. It would include Silver/Gold, for its … Continue reading Say, do you think risk is still ‘on’?

NFTRH+; Gold & Silver progress (futures)

Gold and silver futures are firm in pre-market. Let’s update the technical situation using daily charts. Gold, which we have consistently noted to be in the Handle of a bullish long-term Cup pattern since the correction began 1.5 years ago, is making progress above the moving averages with resistance upcoming at 1830 +/-. Bullish objectives are to clear the November high above 1880 and then … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold & Silver progress (futures)

Copper/Gold ratio continues its routine

Latest flinch in the Copper/Gold ratio is up The 2021 routine has been false breaks, large and small, up and down for this key macro-economic indicator. Ref. The Copper/Gold ratio is at an epic decision point. That link includes a monthly chart that tells the important part of the story. Today, with Santa in play, the CGR doinks above the moving averages. For “best of … Continue reading Copper/Gold ratio continues its routine

An in depth look at the Semiconductor industry

Semiconductor Digest, December 2021 I am under the weather and not really in a writing frame of mind. But I am slowly getting back into a reading frame of mind, and this morning I am reading this. You might want to as well if you, like me, have a strong interest in the Semiconductor industry. This industry, with its valid and expanding growth prospects, is … Continue reading An in depth look at the Semiconductor industry

Happy Festivus

I’ve got a lot of problems with you people. Now… you’re gonna hear about it! Actually, I’ve got no problems with you people. I thank you for another year putting up with some of my overly talky charts, the 3 Stooges, Outer Limits and Wizard of Oz shticks, and my less than kind treatment of certain personalities that you may or may not feel the … Continue reading Happy Festivus


A look at inflationary dynamics through the lens of TSX-V/TSX

The ratio of two Canadian markets indicates cooling inflation One of the tools we use in NFTRH is the ratio of Canada’s speculative cow pastures (i.e. risky, often resources-oriented stocks) vs. Canada’s real stock market, the TSX. The TSX-V/TSX ratio has been pulling back since topping last February. I do not cheer lead for one outcome or the other. My only job is to be … Continue reading A look at inflationary dynamics through the lens of TSX-V/TSX

Another US stock market leader gets in gear

The Medical Device ETF is breaking a trend line We have tracked market leadership by the SOX>NDX>SPX chain closely in NFTRH. It is one of the keys to an ongoing bullish stance. But here is another traditional leader we have tracked/traded/picked components of for several years. IHI is in a stance that would put pain to bears if it starts playing catch up. Double bottom … Continue reading Another US stock market leader gets in gear

NFTRH+; Gold & Silver (futures)

A look at gold and silver futures daily charts, considering the positive (on 30yr average) seasonal and constructive CoT of each metal. Gold is bumping up above the daily chart moving averages, which are oh so tentatively starting to turn up. Given the positive seasonal average and my own (potentially very) bullish view of gold in 2022 I want to pay close attention to any … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold & Silver (futures)